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I love getting to know other people, so comment here to be added because there's some friend only entries in here
otherwise the newest graphics are located at thefloralia .

I'll accept it as soon as I can <3

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icon batch 11.27.10

Hello everyone!  Heres another icon batch complete with a request of Dead Space icons I had a longggg time ago, but haven't posted till now.  The artwork you see in the ME section is used with permission by yatenkou from DA.

Comics (Lady Mechanika, Grimm Fairy Tales, Birds of Prey, Black Widow) -10
Mass Effect-27
Misc(Karina, Stock, Dead Space)-10
Total:: 72

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icon batch 9.12.10

Here we are a super new icon batch.  Now featuring that hip new cool thing with the keep calm in delicious Mass Effect flavor. Yum!  But really the idea came from skybound2.   And the truck one came from popehippo . I just iconed the ones Skybound+Popehippo made up, slapped some ME related image on it with a crown, and then threw in some ones I made in there. 

So I got rid of the whole numbering table thing because I was too lazy to find the colors for it again haha. 

Mass Effect (S-s-spoilers): 46
Comics: 17
Predators: 12
Other: 12
Total 87

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icon batch 7.23.2010

Well this looks like its my first icon batch in a while.  Mmm as you can see I'm starting to lean towards Dragon age again...but that will switch soon...again.  I made those origin icons out of smite after I heard I couldn't be an elf when the whole Dragon age 2 news came out.  But have no fear the hate has died down [some]!   I've been trying new waters with comics like American Vampire ,Iris, The Guild, and of course I had to make icons with Wonder Womans 600th issue. Enjoy! ♥

Comics: 40
Dragon age: 25 +wallpaper
Mass effect: 7
Total::  72

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icon batch 6.4.10

This would be the new set of icons. HURRRRRUUAY!
I've been holding on to a lot of these for a while now and thought it was about time I put them out. Blahblahblah Mass effect icons blahblah comics.  This time I made some icons of Dita, because shes only gorgeous and the big sister icons come from here.
As for for #39-42 they come from the love rug ad where I crackly shoved Thanes+Garrus face on. >3>

Mass effect: 42
Comics: 39
Other: 15
Total:: 96

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requests pick-up.1 +extra l4d

And here would be the requested icons from this nifty little post, that in which I took longer to do then I said. Sorry! Dx
Whats this no Mass effect or comic icons? HMM... somethings wrong here. Or maybe I was just too lazy to post them.
But yes I threw in some more l4d icons from the l4d2 parody video and a few more RuPaul ones too.  Also I was going to more Rupaul quotes but...I forgot the quotes.  Maybe they'll come back and hit me or I have nothing to do and I'll watch the season again.
Anyway enjoy. <3

RuPauls drag race:   12
L4D2:   20
Dragon age:   9
Total-   41

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graphics requests.1

Sooo this'll be my first official graphics requests post.  I'm doing this because I've been getting some requests lately and just decided to make just make the next icon batch I post fully (cough*mostly*cough) requests.  That and I thought I'd branch out or more like I'm running out of Mass effect screen caps so I'd love to do some icons of peoples Sheps.

If you're interested just post here with a link to some good images or screencaps (I'm sorry but I do not feel like image hunting) to any fandom along with what you want like icons or a friends only banner, all that good stuff.  I'll try to post the whole batch in a week or two, unless you need them soon then just tell me and all message them to you whenever I finish it, but they will be sharable. Mmmm I think thats all so request away. c:

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icon batch 4.24.10

Ohhh yeah its that time again, time to dump crap loads of icons on my journal. This time around I guess I tried to make the icons more intricate (COUGH*tried*COUGH).  I noticed I use a gray texture on nearly everything now. Guess its because its just that awesome to me. P: 
But yeah go figure I make more Mass effect icons. Old habits die HARD :T.  However this time I wanted to try to make some text only icons, and I used quotes from the game and different forums.   I also made more Marvel icons than I did DC, guess that means I'm switching over...again... Next are the icons I made out of Sylvia jis art.  Shes my favorite artist and it was just so fun to experiment coloring with the artwork.   I would've made more but I stopped myself, guess I'll save those for the next batch.  Lastly marvel vs. capcom 3 icons because the trailer just hyped me up that much.
...and now I guess I should start cross posting...
Thank you iambicink for the Thane dlc screen caps!

mass effect: 71
comics: 47
sylvia ji art: 46
marvel vs. capcom three: 9
TOTAL: 171

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Icon batch 3.26.10

Here we gooo! Another icon batch, mostly consisting of Mass effect icons (go figure.). There's other fandoms I've been iconing, well more like I've been holding on to them for a while. I got permission to use both WillhelmKranz's and PolymorphicGirl's artwork.  So a major kudos to them! As for the Mass effect screencaps I'd like to thank silentstephi & my awesome friend fragilecat. :]
So I guess that's all I have to say.  Not that anyone reads this lol.

Now to do the dreaded cross-posting...or I could just do it later...

Mass effect (Featuring art work from WillhelmKranz & PolymorphicGirl.) -75
Comics(Marvel,DC,Music box)-43
Other icons(Red,Star wars burlesque,Vintage book covers+pins)-25


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